Trimpin in his Seattle Studio.  © Peter Esmonde

Trimpin in his Seattle Studio.

© Peter Esmonde

Trimpin is an artist, composer, and inventor based in Seattle. His work, by his own description, is “an ongoing exploration of the concepts of sound, vision, and movement.” Combining ancient methods with scientific principles and twenty-first-century technology, he experiments with combinations of music and mechanics that introduce the senses of perception to a totally new experience. Functioning in the balance between the visual and the aural, his installations are part musical performance, part kinetic sculpture, and part theater design. The resulting artworks reflect Trimpin’s interest in what he calls the “space-time concept, which can be expressed musically as well as visually, which has been brought to the point where we can visualize sound.”

A recent recipient of the MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Award and a Guggenheim Fellow, Trimpin was born in Germany where he studied art, music, and electromechanical engineering. For over twenty-five years, he has been combining musical compositions with computer technology. He has received commissions from New York’s Lincoln Center, San Francisco’s Exploratorium, Merce Cunningham Dance Company for the Paris Opera, Seattle’s Experience Music Project, the Seattle Art Museum, and Seattle Symphony.

Trimpin stores many of his pieces in the Mighty Tieton Warehouse. Viewable by appointment or during a public event, Trimpin's ever changing exhibition is a delight! To book a tour, email

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