Tieton is particularly well situated. It's beautiful here. That's obvious. We live in an especially fertile region: fruit, wine grapes, hops. Resources are bountiful, recreational opportunities are  endless, and our collective creativity is expressed directly, boldly, and honestly.

Tieton Made features well designed and crafted items locally made: furniture, lighting fixtures, paper products, event swag, local cheeses, wines, ciders, fruit products. Letterpress and handmade bindery items, special gifts, vintage finds, fruit labels from decades past, and mosaic typography. Rare, quirky, ever-changing items, contemporary furniture inspired by vernacular expressions of can-do utility. Hand-tools and artifacts from res we yearn to revise--journeys possible through our imaginations, and the collective memories these souvenirs of past creativity and honest labor represent.

Tieton Made is a center for demonstrations and workshops, pop-up wine tastings for local wineries, lectures by local and imported experts in creative pursuits.

Every time you visit Tieton Made we want you to leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and happy with something that you've learned, you've experienced, or you've discovered.

700 Maple Street, Tieton, WA 98947

Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, noon to 6pm, and by appointment.



(509) 654-3345

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