Thinking globally is a necessity for creative businesses. They must be prepared to ship products all over the world, but it is difficult to do that on a small business' budget. It requires storing a large product inventory and the ability to offer competitive shipping rates.

We offer both storage and order fulfillment services. Several rooms within the warehouse are former fruit storage with controlled atmosphere capabilities,  heavily insulated on all sides to simplify temperature control. Combining our natural warehousing abilities with a focus on the hand-made, rare and artistic means we always handle with care. 

The floor plan of the warehouse and our access to local truck routes allows fast throughput for products that are received, stored and shipped here. We ship such a large volume of items that our rates are substantially less than a business would get on its own.

Email if we can help send your creations around the world.



The Drachen Foundation
Paper Hammer Inc
Marquand Books
Graypants Inc
University of Washington Press
Steeles Publishing
Tieton Arts and Humanities
Tieton Mosaic