Mighty Tieton is an artisan business incubator located in central Washington. Our goal is to establish successful, distinctive businesses by connecting creative entrepreneurs with local resources. This activity helps to improve the local economy by generating jobs, revitalizing buildings, and instilling a sense of hope, unusual possibilities, and dynamic connections with artisan businesses throughout the region and beyond. 

Tieton is uniquely positioned to be a hub for artisan businesses. It may be small and rural, but it is mighty! Tieton has some of the conveniences of a larger city, but without many of the disadvantages. Real estate is affordable. It’s close to Yakima and is part of a county of a quarter million people. The mayor and city council members are dedicated to business development, making it easy for entrepreneurs to set up shop and thrive. We are situated close to major highways and Interstates, making it easy to get the goods made here out into the world.

Over the past ten years Mighty Tieton has attracted many talented entrepreneurs to Tieton. In turn, this informal group has grown into an unusual marketing force and resource for Tieton itself. A dozen businesses have started or grown under our banner. Enterprises have the benefits of opting to share space, marketing platforms, labor, and shipping and fulfillment services. Together, we have made impressive progress.