Goathead Press

Goathead Press is a print studio located in the Mighty Tieton Warehouse. It is run by artists Karen Quint, Fay Jones, and Robert Jones. It is an efficient workspace with two small presses. It is an efficient work space, suitable for all kinds of relief printing, monoprinting, and simple copper plate etching. The press continues to run workshops in the summer and fall, and is available for artists to rent on a daily, or weekly basis. Artists may also elect to become members of Goathead Press.

Email Karen Quint for costs and general requirements for using the facility

Goathead Press provides basic inks (both oil based, and water soluble), and cleaning materials. Standard paper may be purchased at cost ($2.00 per sheet).
Before starting to work, an artist using the studio will be given a demonstration on use of press, etching tank etc. After the initial demonstration, if an artist using the studio needs assistance, the press charges $40.00 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours.

For more information contact Karen Quint at 206-384-3292 or karen.quint@comcast.net

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