Cascadia Magazine: Mighty Tieton to the rescue!

"These days, thanks to our super-hero-obsessed pop-culture, everyone is looking for (and marketers pray for) a great origin story.

Fortunately, Mighty Tieton, an unlikely arts organization blooming in Washington state’s Yakima Valley, comes with one. There’s even a villain. Well, a prickly customer, anyway.

The brainchild of Seattle book publisher Ed Marquand, Mighty Tieton is an artisan business incubator in the sleepy Yakima Valley town of Tieton.

It was the summer of 2005 and Ed Marquand, a Seattle publisher of high-end art books, was in Central Yakima enjoying his fortress of solitude (in truth, a comically rustic 400-square-foot cabin with no electricity or cell service). One afternoon, while on a bike ride through the valley’s striking landscape of arid desert meets fruited plain—Whammo! Evil struck in the form of vicious, bike-tire-gorging goathead thorns (aka, Tribulus terrestris, a species known by its extremely sharp, goat-head shape)."

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