Tieton Mosaic heads East!

The handmade mosaics traveled all the way to the Boston Center for the Arts for Culture Hustlers: Artists Minding their Business. Lucas Spivey, the guy behind the Mobile Incubator, is the curator of the multimedia exhibit. Since leaving Tieton, the previous Executive Director of Tieton Arts & Humanities traveled the country in a 1957 Shasta camper seeking out art business models. Spivey most recently posted up in Florida and spent the summer of 2017 at the Boston Center for the Arts plaza.

Artists included in the exhibit are Beyond Buckskin (Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt, ND), Derek Erdman (Chicago, IL), Española Valley Fiber Arts Center (Española, NM), Kristin Farr (San Francisco, CA), Smith Shop (Detroit, MI), and Tieton Mosaic (Tieton, WA).

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