Tieton Farm & Creamery featured in Yakima Magazine

"Author George R.R. Martin said, “Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese and I’m a happy man”. I couldn’t agree more, but I wouldn’t stop there. Give me the creamy, the stinky, the hard, the smoked and thick rind cheeses as well. I love them all.

If you feel as I do, delicious, farm-to-table, Yakima Valley cheeses are being made locally, and by hand, at Tieton Farm & Creamery. Their luscious soft cheeses, such as the Bianca andSonnet, are light, tangy and pair well with crisp wines and ciders. Black Pearl, which is covered in grape leaf ash has a wonderful earthy flavor and is reminiscent of cheeses found in France. A new addition to their line-up is Calypso. This harder cheese is washed in local hoppy beer as homage to the Yakima Valley hop industry, and then aged from 2-4 months....

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