Tieton Mosaic on display!

Tieton Mosaic is currently featured in the fourth annual Windows Alive! exhibition in downtown Yakima through February 17. Windows Alive! provides local artists an opportunity to fill an empty storefront with art while contributing to the revitalization of the area. The Tieton Mosaic window showcases various works and the artisan process from start to finish. Each glass sign is hand-crafted, hand-shaped, and hand-laid. From in the only typographic mosaic studio in the country, each piece is created to last and is a timeless addition to the home or business.

Tieton Mosaic is currently accepting commissions. Please contact info@tietonmosaic.com to learn how you can become the next owner of your very own one-of-a-kind sign.

And don’t forget to see the full exhibition featuring several local artists! The Tieton Mosaic window can be found on the North side of Yakima Avenue between the Hotel Maison and 3rd Street. To learn more about the exhibition, visit their website at www.windowsalive.com.